Centrul Naţional de Informare şi Promovare Turistică Borsec


Tourist routes (hiking trails)

1. Main circuit (Borsec - Secu - Bilbor – Capu Corbului – Borsec)

Length: 53 km
Route description: it starts from the Tourist office in the Upper Borsec to the Lower Borsec and goes to Topliţa on the national road DN15. The route follows the winding asphalt road that goes to Creanga Pass, where from, after about 6 Km descent, it leaves the highway and goes right on Secu River Valley (Valea Pârâului Secu). Here it follows the county road DJ174A to the town Capu Corbului, passing through villages Secu and Bilbor.
From Capu Corbului the trail turns right, turning to Borsec on National Road DN15.
Proposals: - placing the cyclotourism marking, 2 panels 12 indicators, two stops and a rehabilitation halt.

Pasul Creanga (Creanga Pass)

Capu Corbului (Raven's Head)

Capu Corbului –  Bistricioarei Valley


2. Secondary circuit (Borsec – Creasta – DJ174A)


Length: 10,5 Km








Route description: it starts on Nadășa street and follows the route on Nadășa stream. It climbs on a well maintained forest road. After about 4 km, the road turns to Făgeţel, and the route we track goes up to Făgetul Mare. After a few minutes of more pronounced ascent, it goes out of the woods, noticing the chalet still not entered  (recorded) in the tourist circuit. From the tourist chalet it climbs on the ridge and turns left on the peak. After about 800m, it goes down on the right on a ground forest road leading to the county road DJ174A (Bike Path 1). From here, we can return to Borsec either by following the road to the village Secu – Creanga Pass-Borsec or by Bilbor – Capu Corbului - Borsec.
Descending the ridge to the county road DJ174A  is not at all recommended on wet weather, as the dirt road can become muddy.
Proposals: placing the cyclotourism marking, 2 panels, 8 indicators.

Şaua din Făget


3. Ring Road. The tourist office  - 7 Springs Boulevard – Stadionului str. - 7 Springs – Nădașa Valley - Resort


Length: 5,8 Km









Route description: it starts from the Tourist office on the 7 Izvoare Boulevard (7 Springs Boulevard) up, continuing on the Round Alley (Aleea Rotundă) and entering shortly into the Stadionului street. It passes from Spring no. 11 (Petőfi) and at the forestry marking III. 181 it is going along the Lovers Alley (Aleea Îndrăgostiților) on the left side. It passes right near the football field, still on the asphalt road among firtrees. Arriving at a road fork, it goes straight to the ski slope, following the road through the forest until it reaches the Nadășa Valley. Following the stream of the same name, it goes down to the resort.
Proposals: placing the cyclotourism marking


4. Borsec – Chiozrez Pass – Borsec

Length of route 7 + 7 km

Route description: it starts from the tourist office on route 8 until Piciorul Mândru (the Proud Leg), where it follows the forest road to Chiozrez Pass, on county road DJ128. From here it turns on the same road to the resort.
Proposals: placing the cyclotourism marking

Chiozrez Pass


5. Lower Borsec – Cimitirului Street  - Spring 10 - Tourist Information Centre in Upper Borsec.

Length of route: 3,5 km










Route description: The route starts in Lower Borsec next to the Town Hall. It is climbing the Cimitirului Street, bypassing behind the Town hall, reaching the cemetery. It is bypassed, continuing the route through the forest, on the contour line until Spring 10. From here it descends to the Tourist information center in the center of Borsec Resort.
Proposals: placing the cyclotourism marking

Aleea Îndrăgostiţilor (Lovers Alley)