Centrul Naţional de Informare şi Promovare Turistică Borsec


Protected areas

The “ROUND CHAIR” Karst zone which is the largest travertine deposit in the country with sinkholes and karst formations: "STALACTITE CAVE", "BEAR CAVE" and "ICE CAVE". It has an area of 70 ha.

The Round Chair

Ice Cave Entrance

The botanical Reserve called "HÁRMASLIGET" - is a swampy glade of around 2 hectares, located in the resort area, hosting rare species, such as dwarf birch (Betula humilis), which is a glacial relict.
Hydrogeological protection perimeters were established based on GD no.101/1997 on the Borsec mineral water deposit, sources of fresh water and therapeutic mud. But there are materialized on the field areas with  strict regime of health protection perimeters only for springs 1, 2, and F4 drilling.
The sanitary protection perimeter of the spa was established by the Ministry of Health through the National Institute of Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology according to the Romanian Government Ordinance no.109 / 2000.