Centrul Naţional de Informare şi Promovare Turistică Borsec



The Old Mud Bath
Since autumn of 2012, the town hall has commissioned the Old Mud Bath, a bath with heated mineral water pool. It was rebuilt exactly as the old architecture of the nineteenth century - when it had mud (sludge). The construction is a special beauty: it's wooden and provided with a glass ceiling. It is powered directly from the nearest source, cold pool water is 11⁰ C,  while the warm pool is 28-34⁰C . We recommend a  10 days cure. In winter, it works with opening hours until 20.00. We truly believe that the combination of ski + hot mineral water bath + sauna + cold water + massage is an interesting proposal at least for fitness, sports and recreation-oriented people. Direct phone no.: + 40-735 / 884 723 
Delivered on the 27th of October 2012, in Uzinei Street in the resort.

Starting on Saturday, January 30, 2021, you can benefit again from the services of the Ó-Sáros Bath.
The access is made on the basis of telephone programming, for a group of maximum 12 people.
Rates: 2 hours - 350 RON / group, 3 hours - 500 RON / group.
Pools with hot and cold carbonated mineral water, sauna, salt room and massage are available for an additional fee (30 minutes - 50 RON / person per group).
Appointments: 0743 165 228
Str. Uzinei  nr.1/A 

Traditional bath in the Fairies Glade
In 2009, the Ars Topia Foundation decided to organize the traditional bathrooms furnishing corvee of the year at Borsec. For ten days, young people from Hungary and Transylvania, along with locals worked on arranging these baths which have enjoyed since then great success among visitors. In this project they have been achieved several objectives such as: mineral water pool, foot baths, changing rooms,  deck chairs. From year to year the number of tourists visiting these baths is increasing, and farmers also use mineral waters for different cures and therapies.

Visiting program: Close

Mofetta and surroundings
In 2010, by support of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism and Harghita County Council, the mofetta was rebuilt. The old building was demolished and rebuilt as a new and modern building above the gas emanating from the ground. Thus, the new building can provide cures, therapies for a number of up to ten people at once.  The entire alley was refurbished from the entrance to the Round Chair up to  the mofetta, the mofette glade was also designed as a place where from one can reach by fine-tuned paths to the old calcium mine, to the lookout point at the old travertine quarry, as well as to the ice cave. Along the walkways were installed benches, tables, dustbins, the glade has been provided with special fireplaces, and besides the forest edge were mounted toilets and bins.

Visiting program: Close

Mofetta can only be used with sign-in if there is a minimum of 6 people and advance appointments by phone (0735884723, 0743165228, 0753362080).
Entrance ticket 10 RON / person.